Lambertson Truex and Tiffany's

Lambertson Truex Tiffany's clutchWhen Lambertson and Truex were experiencing really bad financial situation and had already filed for bankruptcy, Tiffany & Co came to rescue and bought the 10 year old luxury fashion handbag company. And already in May 2009 Richard Lambertson and John Truex signed a deal for designing leather handbags for Tiffany's handbag line.

This was a new business development for Tiffany's, however they saw a great opportunity to explore the luxury handbag market and the name of Lambertson and Truex bags had already a customer base and a reputation for upscale superb quality bags and classy designs.

It is more likely that women will be spending money on great quality handbags than jewelry and the previous years bag mania has just proven that, so in fact this could be a great deal for both Tiffany's and Lambertson Truex.

You can already purchase these Tiffany's handbags online and each bag has a detail of Tiffany's blue - it is either featured on the clasp, in some bags it is the bag interior lining, and, of course, you can purchase some of the Lambertson Truex bags in the Tiffany's blue color. The Tiffany's Manhattan satchel in crocodile leather is absolutely elegant and luxurious. The Tiffany's clutch bags in leather and satin with elegant silver detailed handles are stunning, not to mention the Tiffany Reversible tote that has silver and signature blue colors. It looks absolutely amazing in suede and is one of the guaranteed bestsellers.

Lambertson Truex bags for Tiffany's