Lambertson Truex history

Lambertson Truex bagreplica bag store LV LTRichard Lambertson and John Truex founded their brand in 1998. Before that Lambertson was working for Saks Fifth Avenue and Barney's, he was also a design director for Gucci and had worked also for Calvin Klein. He had lot of experience in fashion before the launch of the handbag company.

John Truex initial interest was advertising, but after working for Carlos Falchi for six years he realized that his passion was accessories design. And these both talented designer teamed up and established the famous Lambertson Truex brand.

The financial crisis hit the company hard as the market for luxury designer bags dropped and the company filed for bankruptcy. The previous experience in exotic leather luxury handbag design, as well as the classy, yet classic designs were the reason why Tiffany & Co bought the company in 2009 and this was a successful development for both company's. trustworthy replica bag siteRichard Lambertson and John Truex started working for Tiffany's and made quite a successful accessories line and Tiffany's got the best experts in the luxury handbag market - a niche that Tiffany & Co was exploring to go into.

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