Tiffany's Lambertson Truex bags

Genunine Lambertson Truex bagHow to spot a fake Tiffany's Lambertson Truex handbag. Here are few rules that will help you avoid the annoying fake Tiffany's Lambertson Truex handbags sold online.

  1. First of all be careful and check the store you ar buying from. The longer the store has been there, more likely it is here to stay.
  2. Check the bag designs and colors. For fake Tiffany's Lambertson Truex bags, the same handbag will be sold in surprisingly large color variety.
  3. If this is a second hand Lambertson Truex bag, ask for the receipts, care booklets and dust bags. No proof, no purchase.
  4. See other handbags on the site, if they look really similar or like you have seen already in other cheap stores, this might be an indication of replica bags.
  5. Pricing is too low to be true - if they promise an authentic Tiffany's Lambertson Truex bag (for example, Lambertson Truex Erin bag or Janey tote bag) at unbelievably low price, it is most likely a fake bag.
  6. Check the photos carefully. Even the quality of photo can tell you a lot about the seller and the merchandise, not to mention the quality of handbag. If you see poor seams, cheap hardware or anything else that does not look up to the level, then most likely it will be Tiffany's Lambertson Truex replica bag.
  7. Check reviews from other buyers (if such are available)
  8. And if possible always buy from original boutique stores or authorized luxury handbag stores online. This will help you avoid fake bags.
  9. Look for handbag sales. Even the luxury handbag makers have a handbag sample sale once in a while or have the regular bag sal, when the season ends. This is the most efficient way to save money when buying an expensive designer bag, such as Tiffany's handbag.

Lambertson Truex replica bags online

Right now Lambertson Truex handbags are sold under Tiffany's handbags label - this is a great opportunity for Lambertson Truex fans get some more of these fabulous and superb handbags online.

What You Need to Know About Lambertson Truex Tiffany’s Designer Handbags

Lambertson Truex is a partnership built between Richard Lambertson and John Truex in 1998. The fashion label was launched as a high-end leather luxury brand. Their Designer Handbags, shoes, and other accessories are made of the label’s trademark exotic skins, elegance and excellent craftsmanship.

The Lambertson Truex Company

The fashion label started out making leather belts, wallets, gloves, and other leather goods. However, the company went bankrupt in 2009. Tiffany & Co bought it and enlisted the designer help of the founding partners to design Tiffany’s. They were asked to make men and women’s handbags for the high-end fashion retailer. Even if Tiffany has encountered challenging times in the world of fashion, the retailer still continues with its goal to produce fashion with Lambertson and Truex at the helm of everything. The duo designed excellent handbags, purses, and new handbag collections.

Tiffany Handbags from Lambertson Truex

When the duo started making designs for Tiffany’s handbags, there were several of them that stood out. There are impressive purses and evening clutches that are made with exotic leather.  Tiffany’s handbag designs still showcased the use of unique colors, perfect crafting and quality leathers that are hugely associated with Lambertson Truex. The reversible tote, for instance, was designed to a versatile handbag. It is available in golden brown, golden silver and black, which are colors that are as far as Tiffany’s trademark blue as possible. These are also the same colors used on Tiffany’s clutches and satchels, which contrasts Tiffany’s blue.

When Lambertson Truex declared for bankruptcy, something good came out of it when they were also asked to design the handbags for Tiffany. Some of the duo’s best creations are the Lambertson Truex Tiffany’s clutches or the Manhattan satchels. All the handbags from the retailer as created by the duo already have the signature blue color of Tiffany. The said color is sometimes on the bag’s lock, others on lining or hardware. There are also Tiffany’s clutches that are available in the label’s signature blue, such as the Lyn clutch.